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  What Our Clients Say...  

"We recently purchased a home in East York and were looking to have some renovations done to our home as we knew when purchasing it needed some upgrades.  Fairney & Sons were working on several other neighbors' homes so we had them come in for some quotes. 
After speaking to Bill we found that he was very informative about all our needs.  Over the next year and a half we had Bill and his staff at Fairney & Sons complete all our projects: waterproofing, painting, eavestrough, basement reno. The whole experience was a pleasure working with all the staff - polite, courteous, on time, and most of all making sure all projects were done with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. 
We recommend you give them a call."

Donna, East York,

"Everybody needs a hero and Fairney & Sons fit the bill. After several scary previous ventures into home renovations. I was frustrated when I realized now that what I apparently had to do was dig deep and put in something called weeping tile... and all I felt like doing was weeping all over my wet almost finished new basement bathroom tiles.
I recalled a sign that I had seen periodically in my neighbourhood for a couple of years now. It was planted on the lawn of an ongoing job. I found the owner and asked her about the work. She told me it was fantastic, on time, on budget, was bonded great work and the boss had a sense of humour and fairness. She told me who referred her to Fairney & Sons.
I checked and heard no complaints and she added "great with women, respectful and patient". As a working mom, this was fantastic news to my ears.
Well Fairney & Sons have now done several jobs for me (It's an old house) and there is no other recommendation higher than to hand out his card in good conscience to my friends."


Tabby, Toronto,

"In 2005, we were looking to do a few projects around the home. Fairney & Sons Ltd. were working on a couple of other houses on the street. We had already had a couple of other contractors in for quotes and ideas.
So we thought after seeing some of their work, it would be a good idea to have Fairney & Sons come and give us a quote as well. After meeting Bill and going over our ideas and budget, we decided that Bill was straight forward and was more informative than the others.
His quote was competitive and within our budget. We found Fairney & Sons Ltd. to be on time and very helpful in all our projects: new garage, bathroom reno and waterproofing. We look forward to having Fairney & Sons back in the future"


- Gord, East York.

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